The final book in my No Escape series is out now!

All he wants is his family…

After escaping her ordeal at the hands of her obsessive ex, Jay, Felicity thought she was safe, building a new life with Scott and son Leo in a seaside town. Little does she know that Jay has tracked her down and wormed his way into the confidence of Vicky, a woman from Scott’s past who has her own very sharp axe to grind…

In the gripping final book of the No Escape trilogy, Jay’s obsession with Felicity pushes him to ever more desperate lengths to get her back. Felicity soon discovers that he’ll stop at nothing, and history begins to repeat itself as she finds herself terrified, alone, and at Jay’s mercy once again. Can she escape him before it’s too late, or will she be destroyed by his determination to never let her go? 

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LK Chapman

LK Chapman writes psychological suspense and sci-fi. Her first novel, Networked, was published in 2014- a fast-paced and emotional sci-fi thriller about video game developer Nick and his encounters with a strange entity who takes over his game, and before long, his life.

Following on from this, in 2016 she published Anything for Him; a chilling psychological thriller about obsession, jealousy and revenge, and the fallout from an intense teenage love affair that eleven years on is still making itself felt. Her latest novel, The Stories She Tells, follows a man’s search for an ex-girlfriend who disappeared ten years ago, and the shocking lies and secrets he discovers when he tracks her down.

LK Chapman plans to write more psychological thrillers in the near future, you can join her Reading Group to make sure you hear about new releases!

“My aim is simple- to write books that readers love to read!”

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