Book Club Questions for No Safe Haven

1. How did you feel about Poppy through the book? Did your opinion of her change?

2. What was your first impression of the two sisters, Harriet and Jessica? Which sister would you prefer to spend time with?

3. Did you like the ending? Do you feel like the characters got what they each deserved?

4. How do you feel about Dominic? Do you sympathise with his actions in the book? Do you think he got over the trauma of what he did by the end, or will it continue to haunt him?

5. What did you think Poppy might be running from when you first met her at the start of the book?

6. Do you think Jessica deserved any help or support from Harriet after how she betrayed her sister?

7. Do you have any sympathy for Max?

8. Is Poppy a good mother? What do you think about her and Dominicโ€™s relationship?