Book Club Questions for Networked

1. How did you find the experience of reading the chapters dealing with Lily’s depression, and how did they make you feel about her as a person?

2. Was Nick right to stay with Lily through her illness?

3. How would you describe the relationships between Nick, Dan and Lily? Are they always healthy relationships?

4. How did your opinions of Interface change through the book? Was Interface good or bad?

5. Would you have joined the Network?

6. Why do you think Dan and Lily were more drawn to Interface and the Network than Nick?

7. Has the book made you think differently about artificial intelligence?

8. Do you think that people’s minds and bodies are separate and that the mind could exist elsewhere, or do you think they are inextricably linked?

9. Did you think the book would end the way it did? Were there unexpected twists and surprises?

10. How did you feel after reading Networked? Did you find the ending sad, or bittersweet or uplifting?