Book Club Questions for Into The Lake

1. What do you think about Natalie and Josh as a couple? Do you think they are good together? Do you think they rushed into things too quickly at the start of the book?

2. Did you guess who might be responsible for Mikayla’s death? Was there a point you became suspicious?

3. What do you think about the way Josh’s family treated him as a teenager? What might you have done differently in his mum or stepdad’s position? What do you think Josh needed?

4. By the end of the book did you have any sympathy for Toby or Verity? Do you think either of them truly regret their actions or will be able to change?

5. Why do you think Gareth became the man he was?

6. Why do you think Josh experienced such a downward spiral in the book? Did you remain sympathetic to him? Do you think he’s sometimes his own worst enemy?

7. Did you have any theories about what happened at the lake? How did your ideas change throughout the book?

8. Do you think Josh will ever forgive Toby for his actions? Do you think he should? Should Natalie forgive Verity?

9. Did you like Natalie? Do you think she was right to put herself in so much danger to help Josh?