Book Club Questions for Anything for Him

1. What do you think drew Felicity to Jay, and why did she stay with him?

2. What do you think drew Sammie to Jay, and why did she stay with him?

3. Why do you think Jay was abusive towards Sammie and Felicity?

4. How did your opinion of Mark change through the story?

5. Did seeing Jay’s relationships with both Sammie and Felicity help you understand him as a person?

6. Without Mark’s interference, do you think it would have been possible for Sammie and Jay to have a happy relationship?

7. How did you feel after reading Anything for Him? Has it changed your opinions or the way you feel about anything?

8. Did you think the book would end the way it did? Were there unexpected twists and surprises?

9. What would you hope would happen to Jay and Felicity after the end of the book?